2025 CITROËN Amity

Drive it, Feel it, Love it

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  • Role

    • UX Ideation
    • Persona
    • Wireframing
    • Motion Graphics
  • Timeline

    • Sponsor Project
    • Concept
  • Contributions

    • Wireframing
    • High fidelity prototyping
    • User Interface Design
  • Team

    • Sodium(Industrial designer
    • Iris Hiesh (UI/UX)
    • Megan Wu (UI/UX)
    • Judy Yang(Graphics designer)
    • Yomar Gonzalez(Car Modeler)


People love driving and in Amity, the love goes both ways.With a touch of autonomous, Amity becomes a trusty companion that senses how you drive,and responds to the way you tackle the road.No matter if you’re a beginner, a regular, or a pro, when you put your hand on the wheel –you’ll feel the love.


Keywords & Moodboard

Amity focus on people's real feeling and driving experience. We hope amity will help people engage their moment while driving, anytime and anywhere.

User Driving Moods

Persona & Storyboard

App user flow

Information Architecture



Exterior Design

Interior Design

Our Team

Amity team spirit

  1. Be Inclusive. An incredibly important reason to be success is to make sure that everyone in amity team feels included. Being actively inclusive can be as simple as making sure the language you use is inclusive to making sure that group activities are something that can be enjoyed by everyone.

  2. Share praise and feedback. Make praise and feedback sharing an integral part of daily routines. This will help to promote open communication in your team and strengthen bonds and understanding between each other.

  3. Eat lunch together.This can be a great way to raise team spirits. This is because colleagues will have the chance to have a break from work during the day and socialise with their team mates.