Bibbidi Bobbidi Box

Augmented Reality Beauty, kids Makeup and sharing, anytime and everywhere

  • Role

    • UX Research
    • Product design
    • Project Lead
    • UI design
  • Timeline

    • Ongoing Project
    • Feb 2019 - May 2019
  • Contributions

    • Research & Synthesis
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Wireframing
    • High fidelity prototyping
    • Team management
    • Animation
  • Team

    • Megan Wu
    • Kristy Zhang


An increasing number of kids are raising interests to adults makeups, a lot of them start to try their mom lipsticks when parents do not even notice. However, a majority of the parents are trying to forbid their kids to play or use makeup for different reasons. So, to leverage the gap between both sides of parents and kids become a challenge to resolve.


We first brought up our instructor's concerns about kids' beauty safety when coming to real application of lipstick, because she has a 6 year old daughter who has a big amount of interest using her mom's cosmetics. Meanwhile, We also complied our ideas by asking lot of questions to 4 pairs of parents and kids by observations and user interviews.


Interview Results

The Seven main insights from observations and interviews were:

  1. Almost all of the little girls are interested in mom’s cosmetics.
  2. About 73% parents think over 12 years old is the best age for kids to use beauty products.
  3. More than 90% parents concern about the safety of cosmetics, they also concern about behavior, education and finance if their kids are actively using makeup.
  4. They apply makeup when they shot cosmetics video, have Halloween, and take pictures.
  5. About 89% kids feel happy when they are wearing makeup.
  6. Nearly 90% kids have tried mom’s makeup.
  7. About 77% kids show they love taking photos while having makeup on.

Empathy Map

We tried to visualized our observation and interview results into a empathy map for a better understanding from both parents and kids perspectives and for a more clear idea of their pain points.

Pain Points


  1. Concern about the safety of cosmetics.
  2. The kids destroy their mom’s cosmetics.
  3. The kids’ clothes and furniture will be messed up, and it’s hard to clean.
  4. Spend a lot of time applying makeup for their children.


  1. Parents do not allow their children to use the cosmetics .
  2. Children enjoy to put on beautiful makeup, but they don’t know how to make themselves up.
  3. There is limited color selection range of cosmetics in family that can be used for children.

Market Research

I researched some online sources website and cited the data for some concerns and facts related to kids use cosmetics at young age. The below are a breif summary from both parents and kids perspectives:


  1. 89% of parents surveyed would prefer girls to wait until they were 14 before wearing foundation, 13-and-a-half before using eye make-up and 12-and-a-half before wearing lipgloss. Any younger than that, and no makeup should be worn at all. (

  2. Over 62.6%thought “pre-teen girls might develop an unhealthy obsession with their appearance”, was the biggest risk from younger girls starting to use makeup.

  3. 45 %of women who used makeup religiously had skin diseaserelated to the makeup they were wearing. And over 80% of parents have makeup safety concerns.

  4. 37.8%sof women also think it's young girls wanting to feel "grown up", when wearing makeup.


  1. More girls than ever are starting to wear make-up from the age of 11 and start to gain interest in beauty products at 7.( 3 years younger than it was a decade ago.) (


We used sticky notes to organized our pain points along with the feasible solutions.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Matrix

To differentiated our product with our potential competitors, i created a competitor matrix.

Technology Research


After researched on AR technology and defined user pain points/needs, we found out the possiblty of designing a mobile app (Ipad/Tablet) by taking the advantage of Augmented Reality Technology with our kids' beauty concepts.

Persona & Storyboard


We would like the kids get all the experience as the process of applying cosmetics. So, we deicided to add the features of lipstick, eyeshadow,hair, cheek, eyebrow, skin to this app.

Interactive Flow

We designed the interacitve user flow to get a better idea of how user take action with each screen.

Technology Diagram

Since we are new to the AR technology, we think it is a good idea to understand the technology that could be used in each step of the interavtive flow, so, technology diagram is necessary.


Brand Story

Bibbidi Bobbidi Box

His ideal name comes from Cinderella, when fairy godmother turns Cinderella into a princess, she says “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo”. We want to send a message to our little-girl customers, when you open the box, the E-cosmetics fairy godmother will turn you into a fabulous princess.

Logo Concept

Color Palette

Product Sketch & Design

Product Sketch & Design

To design the Bibbidi Babbidi Box, we picked the original cinderalla blue palette by adding more pinkish, warm tone color to bring the user a feeling of princess, fairtale while experiencing the magic from fairy godmother.


This project was completed in the 10 week period as part of our curriculum for Spring 2019. I was time constrained and had to prioritize features to design and develop. Here are some things i wish i had more time to work on: