DCCN Wallet

Distributed Cloud Computing Network Web Platform includes dashboard, marketplace, Environment and payment.

  • Role

    • UX Research
    • Product design
    • Project Management
  • Timeline

    • Ongoing Project
    • Nov 2018 - Jan 2019
  • Contributions

    • Research & Synthesis
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Wireframing
    • High fidelity prototyping
    • Team management
  • Team

    • Crystal Zhang (UX Lead)
    • Chandler Song (PM & CEO)
    • Stanley Wu (CTO)
    • Back-end Engineer Team


DCCN, as the last piece of progress in 2018, was introduced at the beginning of November 2018 and targeted the utilization of idle computing resources in data centers to complete Ankr’s capability of sharing all kinds of computing resources.

Ankr is a distributed computing platformthat aims to leverage idle computing resources in data centers and edge devices. What Ankr enables is a Sharing Economy model where enterprises and consumers can monetize their spare computing capacities from their devices, on-premise servers, private cloud and even public cloud. This enables Ankr to provide computing power much closer to users at a much cheaper price.

The Challenge

With a fast-paced market competition, this project is under an agile environment with limited support from the group.


In tackling a complex and unfamiliar domain, it was essential we establish core design process to help guide our information discovery. The following are the three main steps we needed to walk through:

Step 1: UX Research and Set Design Goals

In order to set up our redesign goals, I researched Ankr’s competitors related to idle cloud computing from Non-blockchain-based and Blockchain-based regarding to their branding guidelines.

Low-fi Wireframes


QA Checklist

To make sure that you’ve followed all recommendations and tasks through and addressed all accessibility, usability, and SEO points, we made soft launch that opened only to ankr team members for testing and getting feedbacks, then we made improvements upon the user feedbacks and launched the website after one week.


My design was valued and Ankr successfully raised 4 millions in January which is one month right after website was published. From my design, Ankr was able to attract more followers, and stakeholders around the world from Europe to Asia, from Asia to United States.

Global Meetus_Stop 3/8_London .


Be proactive, be collaborative. This website was released at the end of December, 2018, During this one and half month, As a UX Designer, I was proactive through the entire process, learning by myself, asking a lot of questions, communicating with design and font-end team, collecting feedback, and getting the resources when needed. The help, insights, and co-creation I received from my product manager, the front-end developer and engineers I worked with were invaluable. All these brought me closer to achieving the impact. At the same time, I also took my spare time assisting our visual designer on icon and animation design via Ai and Ae.

Be adaptable and flexible in new teams. My team for this project had no prior relationship or experience working with one another. A few issues surfaced early in our time together, many of those from unclear expectations and language barrier. I drew from my experience managing teams to bring to light our tensions and discuss a plan to work harmoniously together moving forward.