Homi Japanese Ramen

A Ramen Restaurant with distinct cultural characteristics of Chinese and Japanese

  • Role

    • UX Designer
    • UI Designer
    • Product Designer
  • Timeline

    • 10 weeks, 2018
  • Contributions

    • Visual Design
    • High fidelity prototypes
    • Interaction design
    • Marketing
    • Branding
  • Tools

    • Illustrator
    • Sketch
    • Adobe XD
    • After Effects


Homi Japanese Ramen is located at the heart of the fast-paced Silicon Valley. It is committed to catering to the growing popularity of ramen among young and old individuals alike. Here at Homi, it strives to provide customers the highest quality of Japanese and Chinese cuisine with ultimate service and appreciation.


I began to tackle the problem space with limited understanding of branding. So, I decided to go directly to Homi for better understanding of our users by addressing two initial observations and Interviews with the restaurant and the owner.

Observations & Interviews

The four main insights from observations were:

  1. Food: Perfect size and perfect worth the price. Not a lot of spicy options, most of the dishes are more to sweet-side. Homi provided really great Japanese green tea before each meal.

  2. Environment: Nice decoration with Japanese traditional style. Some tables have little green plants. There is light music echoing inside the restaurant. Also, the house specials and recommendations of the dishes are hanging on the wall to help the customers on ordering. Homi used a lot of bamboo elements. As i noticed, the curtains, chairs, tables are made of bamboo. Things on the tables only have napkins and chopper stickers, which are placed organized. The light is not too bright and it creates a cozy environment.

  3. Menu:Not attractive one for the first impression. The layout is not organized and not balanced. This is one thing i don’t like and needed be working on. The logo for hommi is little too cute that seems not match the theme of the whole restaurant. money saving.

  4. Value/Theme: Homi was first founded by a Chinese couple, the main value for them is to bring joy, peace and luck for all the customers. This is the reason why they picked the bamboo and related materials/decorations inside. The spirit of bamboo is “peaceful and wise energy”.

Competitive Analysis

From the analysis, I found out that compared with the other Japanese Ramen restaurants, Homi has similar inner decorations such as the bamboo and wood walls, but its has much more room for the guests, especially for the big family group and people nearby. The price is also very reasonable. The frequent customer can even ask the owner to cook according to their preference. This is just make you feel like “home”.

From the interview, I noticed Homi is a family business and run by a married couple, Wife is the server for the whole restaurant and husband is the chief cook. Since then, they closed at Saturday to spend time with their two kids. Since the wife is the only server, she stays at the restaurant all day along. So, she really knows her customers' taste if you visit more than 2-3 times.

Target Audience

From research, I found three groups of people to target our design for:

  1. Big group family, who would like to spend time with each other.

  2. Friends and Co-workers, live or work nearby.

  3. Asains, who love to try Japanese or Chinese food.


Hit List & Text Gathering

In order to get a better understanding of branding concept, I made my further design list and collect the content of restaurant from their website and menu.

  1. Branding Guidebook

  2. Print Collaterals

  3. Advertisement

  4. Website

  5. Interactive Menu(Ipad)

  6. Environment Display

Logo Design & Refine

Branding Guidelines

Print Collaterals


Social Media



According to the branding guidelines, I drafted out the wireframes for both website and Ipad Menu, due to the limited amount of time, I tested my Lo-fi Prototype within class (20 people). According to feedback, I simplized my interaction steps as much as possible for the most intuitive way.



Lo-fi Wireframes

Hi-fi Wireframes


Interactive Menu (Ipad Pro)

Screen Mockups