LucidPix 3D Camera App

3D Frame; 3D Portrait; Capture the world with 3rd dimension

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  • Role

    • UX Research
    • User Interview
    • UI Design
    • Fast Prototyping
  • Timeline

    • Lanuched Project
    • May 2019 - Aug 2019
  • Contributions

    • Research & Synthesis
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Wireframing
    • High fidelity prototyping
    • User Interface Design
  • Team

    • Han Jin(CEO)
    • Andy Yang(UX Lead)
    • 4 Front-end/Back-end Engineer Team
    • Judy Tsao(UX Intern)
    • Megan Wu(UX Intern)


Lucid has built up an enormous database of 3D graphical data that allows photos taken by any dual camera to be trained and matches the performance of other hardware depth systems. Lucid creates a new 3D photo generator app – LucidPix. Which can let the user create a 3D photo with their own dual camera device without other tools.


Define problems and opportunies

Now Lucid has the product but haven’t find the right market to fit in the product. Finding the best way to educate users about the product is also an important part. The three biggest challenge for lucidpix are listed below by discussion with our CEO Jin.

  1. There isn’t any sophisticated use case or market for 3D-photo right now.

  2. Users don’t know what 3D-photo is

  3. Sharing the photo to social media is complex to user

Market Research

Since new to the 3D photo market, I initiated the market reseach by exploring both photo editing and 3d photo capture application online and creating the market segamentation map. Meanwhile, to have a clear mind of the potential audience for our lucidpix, we immediately started the process of user interviews.

Interview Results

Judy and I leveraged different channels to collect the data points. Judy focused on company’s communication channel, such as Lucid’s newsletter and Lucid’s social media accounts (existing users), whereas I mostly focusing on input from all kinds of 3D-photo sharing groups on Facebook (new users). We combined our result together and found some overlaps in the user base.

Before we start to design, we have schedule a meeting with CEO, Design Lead and RD department to discuss what are our priorities and what is the best way to work with the RD department. We narrow it down to Action tasks for UX team:

  1. To let more people download the app, we will minimize the steps for sharing each 3D photo.

  2. To let user understand what is 3D photo, we will bring up educational tutorial steps in lucidpix


User Persona

We tried to created our primary and secondary persona based on 3 user interview and 20 survey results.

Interactive Flow


Icon Design

I re-designed the app icon from 2d to 3d to echo our concept as a 3d photo sharing application

Screen Mockup

Judy and I created the key features' screens on "pick frames","convert 2d to 3d","3d photo gallery" and "share my 3d photo on facebook" under limited resource and time. Below


As a designer, it's normal to work with people from different departments, usually RD team and marketing team. So the communication with different people and team is critical. People with different role usually don’t share the same vocabulary. For example, UX design Jargon may have different meaning in the software development context, so we need to be careful when communicate. At the beginning of this project, the communication wasn’t perfect, however during the process, I learned how to speak with different departments using the right words, and making sure different teams are on the same page. This eventually led to unified action during the project execution, and ensured high productivity.