Helping you find dream pets nearby according to different preference

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  • Role

    • UX Researcher
    • UX Designer
    • Project Management
  • Timeline

    • 10 weeks
    • September - December 2018
  • Contributions

    • UX Research
    • Persona
    • user interviews
    • Low-to-high fidelity wireframes
    • Application map
    • Interaction flows
    • UI spec
    • Fast-prototying
  • Tools

    • Sketch
    • Illustrator
    • InVision
    • Principle


Petfinder is a pet adoption app.It helps you find dream pets nearby according to different preference.My goal is to improve its overall UI presentation and UX experience to make users have a more pleasant and intuitive during searching experience and also make an easier and more appealing presentation for pet sharing community, so that users will be more willing to use it.

Design Goals:


Target Audience:

From the analytics from quantcast database, I observed table of the Petfinder users from demographics, gender, age, ethnicity, education level, children in household, to income. Then, i summarized two features of our target audience:

  1. Over 70% of the users are young female, who have a stable and good job in a single status.
  2. The second largest potential audience is middle-age people, who has higher income from $50-100k per year.

Persona & User Story:

After conducting the primary research, I created three personas and user stories to synthesize the results better within our design.

User Interviews:

I also interviewed three people:

  1. Dr. Daljit S. Sain: a Vet who are very experienced with pets adoption and knowledge;
  2. Ryan: a software Engineer who had experience with adoption and has two cats;
  3. Sandra: a nurse who is interested in adoption and love animals.

Interview Key Points

After interviewing, I summarized and listed a table of key points they have mentioned

Based on their feedback, I decided to set up three outcomes as main focus:

  1. Search a pet by organization
  2. Commenting community
  3. Add a pet to my loved list


Generating Ideas

I first began by taking all of our feedback and generating as many solutions as possible. Producing a comprehensive set of potential answers was the most important part of this stage.

User Flow

Paper Prototyping

I made low-fi paper prototype for faster user testing and i did two in-person interviews from one of my classmates and my instructor to obtain further feedback.

Low-fi Prototying

After refining the ideas from paper prototying, I made the first draft of lo-fi wireframes.

Since i created the 2 possible solutions, I took the advantage of it and put both two cases as A/B testing via online google survey. The survey took one day and night, I revieced total 16 responses and further feedback again.

I tested total 5 screens and the survey results cover both the reasons why users choose thier options and suggestions for more efficient interaction experience.

Improvements for current version

  1. As of the suggestions from my 16 testers, one of the biggest improvement could be changing the swipe action to the dropdown menu
  2. Less steps but more information in one page
  3. Seperate tabs for clear layout and easier direction
  4. Consider replace the swipe action with IOS Picker for search engine page

Potential new features

  1. Add microchip id number in pet profile page
  2. Highlight the pet characteristic keywords


High-fi Prototyping

In the new UI design, I echoed the original Petfinder color palette but adding more pinkish and orange warm tone color to bring the user a feeling of ease, pleasure, and being welcomed.


This project was completed in the 10 week period as part of our curriculum for Fall 2018. I was time constrained and had to prioritize features to design and develop. Here are some things i wish i had more time to work on: